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Greek Cooking Master Class

The Mediterranean diet blends the basics of healthy eating with the traditional flavors and cooking methods of the Mediterranean. You will learn how to prepare traditional authentic dishes that you won’t commonly find in a Greek restaurant. Instead, it is food that you would expect to eat in the kitchen of a Greek family home. The … Continue reading "Greek Cooking Master Class" ....

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Indian Cooking Master Class

India is one of the great world cuisines, with diverse ethnic subcultures and an endless repertoire of excitingly delicious curries and vegetable dishes. In this class, you’ll learn all about spices- their fundamental qualities and how to extract their optimal flavour. We’ll guide you through the layered preparation of a few traditional curries, and some … Continue reading "Indian Cooking Master Cl ....

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thai cooking class

Thai Cooking Master Class

Enjoying visiting Thai restaurants and imagine that you can make these beautiful Thai healthy dishes at home to share with your friends and family? A visit to Otao kitchen Thai cooking school is a must-do thing to do at the weekend.  Our Thai cooking experience will include an introduction to Thai ingredients and its flavours and a … Continue reading "Thai Cooking Master Class" ....

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japanese food

Japanese Cooking Master Class

So we will present you with a focus on fresh seasonal produce, prepared meticulously and presented beautifully. Japanese Inspired dining is a definitely memorable experience. Too many beautiful dishes to prepare, we will work on something you can make at home. Here we will learn the most popular Japanese cooking. We offer small and friendly group … Continue reading "Japanese Cooking Master Class" ....

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chinese food

Chinese Cooking Master Class

With thousands of years’ development and cultivation, Chinese food has formed its own culture. Chinese food culture is rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy, which means that Chinese cuisine is the reflection of the harmony and balance of nature. We offer small and friendly group lessons (hands-on) to help you learn how to make Chinese food the … Continue reading "Chinese Cooking Master Class" ....

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italian food

Italian Cooking Master Class

Immerse yourself in Italian culture through its food, and learn more than you would just eat these dishes at a restaurant. You will work with your partner or the chef and will sit down at the communal table to eat their delicious creations afterwards. In our Italian cooking class, we’ll start by hand made our … Continue reading "Italian Cooking Master Class" ....

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spanish food

Spanish Cooking Master Class

Spain is a country of outstanding culture and a special place for foods and we encourage you to have a taste of it. Discover the secrets in creating Spanish dishes while you enjoy the custom of sharing food in a relaxed way around the table. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet session, fun cooking lesson … Continue reading "Spanish Cooking Master Class" ....

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Mexican Cooking Master Class

It’s a celebration of all things Mexican! We’ll cover Mexico’s greatest dishes and drinks, as well as a few with a twist. Explore Mexican culinary adventure with a guarantee to thrill your taste buds and senses. Short, sharp bursts of clean and varied flavours, Mexican food is perfect for gatherings of friends and family and workmates … Continue reading "Mexican Cooking Master Class" ....

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Korean Cooking Master Class

Everyone works to make Korean recipes from scratch, and then creative energy flows while guests choose flavour combinations and ingredients to craft the best Korean dishes. Our chef will showcase a variety of options when it comes to making an outstanding Korean meal. Guests are welcome to have wine and beer to enjoy their fruits … Continue reading "Korean Cooking Master Class" ....

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australian food fish

Going Native Australia – New Class

Native ingredients or bush food is something that you will be searching while traveling in Australia. Get to know the best Australian native produce and learn how to cook them in this great Otao kitchen cooking experience class. The class would appeal to most age groups, skill levels, and tastes. You will learn the native … Continue reading "Going Native Australia – New Class" ....

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