Adelaide – Port Lincoln Going Home Tour

Adelaide to Port Lincoln with Andrew Fox! This is a very special Adelaide to Port Lincoln Itinerary. Departs Secure Parking in Marina Adelaide Car Park – 202 George Robertson Drive Largs Bay DAY 1 Board 2:30PM @ Marina Adelaide for 3 PM Departure. DAY 2 Stop Off at Hopkins Island for a splash with the … Continue reading "Adelaide – Port Lincoln Going Home Tour" ....

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dolphin swimming

Dolphin Watch

$70.00 per person (under 5 years of age free) *Specific Terms and Conditions apply and should be viewed before booking. You can read our terms and conditions at this link http://www.dolphinswimaustralia.com.au/Terms-and-Conditions.html One of the best dolphin watching cruises you will ever experience! Not only do you get to watch wild offshore dolphins in their natural environment, … Continue reading "Dolphin ....

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dolphin swimming

Wild Dolphin Swim

$329.00 per person (ages 7 to 70) *Specific Terms and Conditions apply and should be viewed before booking. You can read our terms and conditions at this link http://www.dolphinswimaustralia.com.au/Terms-and-Conditions.html This is the only permitted wild dolphin swim in New South Wales, the first swim of its kind in the world – and only a 2.5 hour … Continue reading "Wild Dolphin Swim" ....

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manta ray

Marine Eco Safari

The highlight of this fantastic marine ecotour is the opportunity to swim with the awe inspiring manta ray, which the professional Eco tours staff will endeavour to deliver, in what has become almost a daily event in Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef. Why not embrace this opportunity to go snorkeling in Coral Bay with one of  the largest … Continue reading "Marine Eco Safari" ....

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tasman island

Tasman Island Cruises 3 Hour Cruise

On the 3 Hour Wilderness Cruise you will sit at the foot of the highest sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere including the spectacular dolerite cliffs at Cape Pillar, marvel at the towering sea stacks such as Cathedral Rock, the Totem Pole and Candlestick and glide in and out of sea caves witnessing the erosive … Continue reading "Tasman Island Cruises 3 Hour Cruise" ....

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dolphins swimming

Dolphin Eco Cruise

Our vessel provides an excellent viewing platform designed to get you as close as possible to the dolphins without getting your feet wet. The team will introduce you to our local Bottlenose Dolphins as they interact in their natural environment. Many of the Dolphins seen on the cruise call Koombana Bay their home. They can … Continue reading "Dolphin Eco Cruise" ....

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marine sea lions trip volunteer work

Marine Volunteer Sea Lions Trip

Your commitment will contribute greatly to research and education to create respect and the promotion of these inspiring apex marine animals. Our core beliefs of sustainability and environmental protection are derived from the circular principles of research, respect and promotion. As a commercial business we work with other tour operators and environmental groups who subscribe … Continue reading "Marine Volun ....

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water adventure tour

Adventure Tour

Experience the breathtaking coastal scenery of Newcastle, with pods of resident dolphins, seabirds, turtles and other marine life. Enjoy the thrill as you cruise 30 kilometres down the Hunter Coast in comfort and safety aboard CoastXP’s custom-built vessel ‘Atmos’ to stunning Caves Beach and historic Catherine Hill Bay. Along the way you will have a … Continue reading "Adventure Tour" ....

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whale shark

Whale Shark Adventure Swims Exmouth 2020

We’ll help you gain confidence so that you can swim with the whale sharks leaving you memories to last a lifetime. You’ll enjoy this experience on board our purpose built vessel, Heron, starting the tour with a barista coffee in your hand. We’ve just completed a major refit and Heron is ready to impress with … Continue reading "Whale Shark Adventure Swims Exmouth 2020" ....

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swimming with manta rays

Ningaloo Nature Tour – FULL DAY

Join our friendly crew aboard the Ningaloo for this fabulous experience. This fun filled day will take you to our favourite spots to experience the wonders of this amazing fringing reef. Using a spotter plane, we search for Manta Rays, giving you the opportunity to take in the wonders of these magnificent creatures. During the trip, we’ll stop … Continue reading "Ningaloo Nature Tour – FULL DAY" ....

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