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greek food appetizer with side dish

Greek Cooking Class

The Mediterranean Diet is actually a dietary pattern modelled on the eating habits of the Cretans in the 1950s. Nowadays, it is the most comprehensibly researched diet in the world with evidence showing that it is incredibly beneficial for physical & mental health.   The Mediterranean Diet follows 10 basic rules of eating. It not … Continue reading "Greek Cooking Class" ....

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greek food

Greek Trails

On our Greek food walking tour, we will share with you stories of migration and what role food played in the upholding of culture and tradition. Our host is knowledgeable both in food and loves the culture of her home country. She looks forward to sharing her stories with you.   Join us in exploring … Continue reading "Greek Trails" ....

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chinese cooking class

Chinese Cooking Master Class

With thousands of years’ development and cultivation, Chinese food has formed its own culture. Chinese food culture is rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy, which means that Chinese cuisine is the reflection of the harmony and balance of nature. We offer small and friendly group lessons (hands-on) to help you learn how to make Chinese food the … Continue reading "Chinese Cooking Master Class" ....

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indian food cooking

Indian Cooking Master Class

You will learn to identify these spices, along with shopping and storing tips.  You will understand about ghee, the clarified butter that is key to Indian cooking and masala spice blends. We feature Indian cooking with sessions. Explore the food of India in this cooking class with differences in cooking styles, techniques and flavour profile, … Continue reading "Indian Cooking Master Class" ....

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Spice Factory

Spice Factory – Indian home cooking

Join us for a class on Indian Home Cooking, specifically the Thali meal. The Indian Thali is not just a meal or a plate; it is, in fact, a tradition. Within the rim of the plate are many traditions handed down from one generation of cooks to the next abound. The class will talk about the … Continue reading "Spice Factory – Indian home cooking" ....

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Cooking class

Jacob’s Creek Cooking Class

Held in the outdoor garden at the historic Jacob’s Estate, the unique venue provides a picturesque setting for a hands-on cooking experience. The intimate class involves picking fresh produce from the kitchen garden, which will then be specially prepared into a hearty feast. After your cooking skills have been put to the test you will … Continue reading "Jacob’s Creek Cooking Class" ....

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Seafood BBQ

Seafood takes your weekend barbie from casual to gourmet … delight your family and friends with a stunning seafood barbecue. By the end of this lunch class, you’ll be able to barbecue fish, shellfish, and squid to perfection. Book a group of 6 and pay for just 4! To book this offer, enter 6 participants in the … Continue reading "Seafood BBQ" ....

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Sensational Simple Seafood

Seafood adds a special touch to any meal … and it’s surprisingly quick and simple to prepare when you know how. By the end of this lunch class you’ll be able to steam, bake, pan-fry and barbecue fish, shellfish and octopus to perfection, creating seafood meals simple enough to whip up midweek and sensational enough to add flair to any … Continue reading "Sensational Simple Seafood" ....

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At this hands-on dinner class you’ll whip up an array of Spanish tapas – scrumptious little seafood nibbles that make great entrées or combine to form a delicious meal. Book a group of 6 and pay for just 4! To book this offer, enter 6 participants in the ‘Group from 4 to 6’ box on the right, … Continue reading "Tapas" ....

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