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Buggy 10 lap drive + 1 hot lap

This is a mind blowing experience. You will be strapped into the Turbo super buggy with our professional instructor. He will guide you through the track teaching you how to get faster and faster each lap. Then you will return to the tavern to go for a blast with the race driver. This ride will … Continue reading "Buggy 10 lap drive + 1 hot lap" ....

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Gold Coast – V8 Buggy 6 drive laps – **New Year Blast**

6 Self Driving Laps 6 Laps
, you drive a real race buggy with an instructor riding along as your navigator offering encouragement and some handy tips on car control, drifting and racing over our purpose built jumps. Your confidence will grow as each lap goes by and so will your speed down the back dirt straight as well … Continue reading "Gold Coast – V8 Buggy 6 drive laps – **New Year Blast** ....

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