General Admission

Walk amongst and feed the Kangaroos and Wallabies including the white (albino) varieties. There are Koalas to view in their trees or enjoy a cuddle at one of our holding sessions. Exotic Animals We have a variety of monkey species including White-handed Gibbons, playful Capuchin Monkeys, the small Cotton-top Tamarins and Common Marmosets, Ring-tailed Lemurs … Continue reading "General Admission" ....

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marine sea lions trip volunteer work

Marine Volunteer Sea Lions Trip

Your commitment will contribute greatly to research and education to create respect and the promotion of these inspiring apex marine animals. Our core beliefs of sustainability and environmental protection are derived from the circular principles of research, respect and promotion. As a commercial business we work with other tour operators and environmental groups who subscribe … Continue reading "Marine Volun ....

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Yanchep National Park & Crystal Cave

After your city accommodation pick up we travel north to the famous Yanchep National Park which is an award-winning expansive parkland area, popular with locals and tourists for picnics and family gatherings for almost a 100 years. Once in the park, you will notice the huge native trees, the natural fauna, the lake, native birds and animals & … Continue reading "Yanchep National Park & Crystal Cave ....

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wave rock

Araluen Botanic Park, Wave Rock, and York full day private tour

Perth’s hidden garden, just 35 km from Perth. Here you will have the opportunity to walk through this stunning park and have morning tea at the café. After our morning coffee we will drive you to Wave Rock, a giant surf-like landmark of multi-coloured granite which is over 2700 million years old, and other natural attractions … Continue reading "Araluen Botanic Park, Wave Rock, and York full day private to ....

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gorge launceston

The Gorge Tour (with Lunch)

The locals love it. Visitors flock to it. Peacocks have chosen it as a permanent home. But have you ever walked it, paused and understood its impact across the generations? On our Gorge Tour we delve into the past. We don’t just walk across Kings Bridge but describe how it was made on the other … Continue reading "The Gorge Tour (with Lunch)" ....

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cairns adventure

Cape York – Cairns to The Top – Northbound Tour

And that’s just Day 1… The following day we hit the rarely used and nearly forgotten Starke Track. This is one of Cape York’s more overgrown trails and is one of the highlights of the Cape. You’ll ride it all the way to the end. You’ll tackle Frenchmans Track. It means carrying our bikes across … Continue reading "Cape York – Cairns to The Top – Northbound Tour" ....

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bird watching

Wildlife & Birdwatching Experience – Half Day

The UNESCO Noosa Biosphere Reserve is a unique area where tropical and temperate zones overlap, provides varied ecosystems including Mangroves, Wallum, Wet and Dry Eucalypt forests and Rainforests. 40% of Australia’s bird species are found in this area, some 304 species including Migratory wader species. Typically 50 species and more can be located in one … Continue reading "Wildlife & Birdwatching Expe ....

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Kayak Camping Tour in Batemans Bay – Departing Canberra

Explore the rivers, bays and coastline of the South Coast of NSW, in comfortable stable touring Sea Kayaks and unwind on a sustainable journey! Itinerary:  Day 1 Start with Hotel pickups in Canberra at 6am. Meet the guide team in the morning of your first day for the briefing and pack your equipment into waterproof … Continue reading "Kayak Camping Tour in Batemans Bay – Departing Canberra" ....

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water adventure tour

Adventure Tour

Experience the breathtaking coastal scenery of Newcastle, with pods of resident dolphins, seabirds, turtles and other marine life. Enjoy the thrill as you cruise 30 kilometres down the Hunter Coast in comfort and safety aboard CoastXP’s custom-built vessel ‘Atmos’ to stunning Caves Beach and historic Catherine Hill Bay. Along the way you will have a … Continue reading "Adventure Tour" ....

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blue mountains explorer

Blue Mountains Explorer

Descending through the canopy of sub-tropical rainforest, you’ll be surrounded by the fresh scent of the Eucalyptus forest as you follow the magical Leura cascades to the valley floor. ​ At the bottom, we can rest under the historic rotunda, listening to the song of bellbirds echoing through the forest, before following a moderately flat trail … Continue reading "Blue Mountains Explorer" ....

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